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Discover how Shower Glass Hero can clear your cloudy shower glass for good.

Shower Glass Care Made Easy ✅
Shower Glass Cleaner Auckland

Crystal clear shower glass is only a hero away. We can fix it fast, protect it against future staining and reduce shower glass cleaning time by 90%.
Sound Good?

shower glass cleaner Auckland
Shower glass cleaner hero

Choose Our Premium Shower Glass Protection

Our easy to clean shower glass protection is so effective we can offer a Lifetime Transparency Guarantee on both restored shower glass and brand new shower glass. Wouldn’t you like the peace of mind knowing that your shower glass is backed by our industry leading guarantee?

100 Day Risk-Free Trial 

You have 100 days to discover how your new easy clean shower will make your life easier. Not Loving it? We’ll give you a full refund. Love it? Perfect, it’s guaranteed for life when you stick to our easy clean maintenance guide. Awesome right?

Shower Cleaner

Ever Struggled To Keep Your Shower Glass Clean?
Most homeowners have so we set out to fix it…

We are proud to say we have developed the easiest way to keep your shower glass crystal clear.

Once protected with our Future Stain Protection (AKA, Easy Clean Shower Glass Treatment), simply clean down your shower glass once a week with our shower enclosure cleaner. Combine this with our shower glass restorer pad and you will never have stained shower glass in your home guaranteed.

If you have struggled to find a product that actually keeps shower glass crystal clear look no further, we have developed this product with you in mind to solve this problem for you for good. Can you see how easy we have made this?

Dear Homeowner,

Shower Glass Hero would love to send a professional shower glass cleaner Auckland-wide to machine clean those annoying hard water stains and soap scum off your expensive shower glass doors. We are also experts in turning your old or brand new shower glass into easy to clean shower glass with nanotechnology.

If you have older stained shower glass I bet you’ve tried every product under the sun and the only results your achieving is a sore arm. Sound familiar? So, of course, you give up and those awful hard water spots remain.

Now imagine your shower glass crystal clear. No longer would there be that ugly enclosure in the corner bringing down the appearance of the entire bathroom. Now it looks sharp and inviting.

At this point, you may be skeptical, after all, you have tried everything. However, you have not tried Shower Glass Hero.

Over the past few years, we have saved homeowners thousands on replacement costs who thought they had no choice but to install new shower glass enclosures.

Now, speaking of new enclosures our Hero’s can also make the chore of cleaning down your shower glass a whole lot easier. I’m sure you agree cleaning shower glass in Auckland can be a nightmare right?

Our Future Stain Protection (AKA easy clean shower glass) can be applied to restored and brand new shower glass enclosures. It’s so effective, we can offer a Lifetime Transparency Guarantee on all glass we protect and it will reduce your shower glass cleaning time by 90%. Once applied, you only need to clean it down once per week to keep it looking crystal clear. Everyone can find just two minutes a week to keep their shower glass showroom new right?

Shower glass restoration & protection can usually be completed within 3.5 hours. However, each shower will vary depending on the degree of contamination.

So let me ask you this. Would you like easy to clean shower glass in your home backed with our leading Lifetime Transparency Guarantee? If you said yes simply book your Shower Glass Hero today by contacting Caitlin our customer service Hero. Contact Caitlin or to view our range of services Click Here.

We are experts in shower glass restoration and stain protection but don't take our word for it...

"After comparing several prices I settled on these guys. These guys definitely know a thing or two about protecting shower glass. I would highly recommend Shower Glass Hero and will be using their service again."

4 Showers Protected
Rating : 5

"These Guys were amazing. My shower glass came up brand new. Highly recommend to anyone looking at getting their shower glass sparkling"

3 Showers Restored & Protected
Rating : 5

"This was amazing. We bought our house 5 years ago and the shower glass was stained bad. It had been stuck on for years. Totally impressed with the service and results."

1 Shower Restored & Protected
Rating : 5

"Shower Glass Hero was amazing to deal with. They are very professional and delivered on all their promises."


2 Shower Restored & Protected
Rating : 5
Laybuy Shower Glass Hero

We offer Laybuy. The smart way to pay.

Laybuy lets you receive your online purchase now and spread the total cost over 6 weekly automatic payments. Interest-free.


Single screen Shower Glass Restoration plus Future Stain Protection $379.00 or 6  weekly interest-free payments of $66.89 – View Price Guide.

Easy Clean Glass Treatment

Wanna Know More?

You’ve made it all the way down here! You deserve more, so we made a video to help you learn all about Shower Glass Hero: Take a look and enjoy.

Tired of scrubbing and achieving nothing. Let's fix this!

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