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New Shower Glass Future Stain Protection


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Attention: If your shower glass is not brand new and needs restoration before our easy clean shower glass treatment please click here. If it is new please continue.

Dear Homeowner,

Millions of smart homeowners worldwide are turning to nanotechnology to protect their shower glass against staining. It’s the best way to prevent those annoying hard water spots and soap scum ruining your new shower glass.

Another benefit of protected shower glass is that it will reduce your shower glass cleaning time by 90%. 

The coating works by repelling the water and soap scum of the glass surface leaving you very little to clean each week. 

Keeping it clean is also extremely easy. We are proud to say we have developed the fastest, easiest technique to cleaning down your shower glass.

Simply wipe it down once a week with our shower glass restoration pad and shower glass cleaner, rinse it off and your shower glass will stay crystal clear guaranteed – it only takes a minute!

Our Shower Glass coating is so effective we can offer a Lifetime Transparency Guarantee on all glass we protect.

Get a shower glass hero at your place and let us keep your shower glass crystal clear.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in this shower glass protection service?

We will send out a professional Shower Glass Hero to prepare your shower glass enclosures for our future stain protection. This involves a light machine clean to remove any contaminants on the glass from the factory. This is very important! Once complete. We will cover them with our Future Stain Protection which can guarantee transparency for the lifetime of the glass.

How long will the process take? 

Each shower glass enclosure will vary depending on how many screens it has. However, in most cases, the job should be complete in around 40 minutes of arriving at your property. If you have multiple showers to restore it could take a few hours.

How do I keep my shower glass crystal clear?

Once your shower glass has been protected, simply clean down your shower glass once per week. We can provide a lifetime transparency guarantee if you implement Shower Glass Hero’s own aftercare cleaning system.

Included in this system is our eco-friendly entire shower enclosure cleaner. This cleaner has been formulated to combat the hardest water and when combined with Shower Glass Hero’s Restoring pad, hard water deposits and soap scum build up don’t stand a chance.

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