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Shower Glass Restoration


Dear Homeowner,

Shower Glass Restoration is the smartest way to save thousands of dollars of your hard earned money on replacement costs.

As you know stained shower glass looks awful but it doesn’t have to. Shower Glass Hero can restore your stained shower glass enclosures back to new. We specialize in removing the seemingly impossible hard water spots from stained shower glass surfaces.

We also have the option available to apply our Future Stain Protection (AKA easy clean shower glass) once your shower glass has been restored. This coating will protect your shower glass from accumulating the same staining in the future and reduce your shower glass cleaning time by 90%.

For information on both shower glass restoration and future stain protection click here. It’s our most popular service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the shower glass restoration service?

We will send out a professional shower glass cleaner to machine clean the annoying hard water stain build up off your shower glass enclosures. Leaving them crystal clear.

How long will the restoration take? 

Each shower glass enclosure will vary. Certain showers in your home would have had more use than others. However, in most cases, the job should be complete in around 3.5 hours of arriving at your property. If you have multiple showers to restore it could take most of the day.

How do I keep my shower glass crystal clear? 

To keep your shower glass crystal clear we recommend applying our future stain protection. To restore and protect your glass, please consider our shower glass restoration plus future stain protection combo.

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