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What Shower Glass Cleaner Are Kiwis Using?

What Shower Glass Cleaner Are Kiwis Using?

Here is a quick summary of what we shall cover:

  1. What proven shower glass cleaners are on the market today.
  2. Eco-friendly methods for cleaning stained shower glass.
  3. What not to do when cleaning stained shower glass.
  4. Discover our proven solution to restore your stained shower glass back to new for the lifetime of the glass. Saving you thousands of your hard earned dollars on replacement costs.

If you’re like me, you like to learn so let’s get into it!

Every shower glass cleaner on the market promises results so it’s hard to know what cleaner to try.

I thought I would take a quick look online to see what our fellow Kiwis are using on their showers. We will take a look at all sides, the good, the bad and the ugly scratchy side to shower glass cleaning.

Obviously, these products are not going to get perfect results on all glass surfaces. This is due to many different factors and different types of contaminants in the water. What works for your friend may not work for you!

However, after cleaning many showers I tend to find the thinner the glass the harder the clean. Frameless shower glass cleans easiest, while framed shower glass almost always needs shower glass restoration. However, I’m getting off topic.

A popular shower glass cleaner…

But first a word of warning! If your shower glass has really tough hard water damage, these cleaners may be ineffective and a waste of money. Restoration may be your only option. But it will save you thousands of your hard earned dollars on replacement costs. Let’s get back to the shower glass cleaners.

Shower Power by oz clean. Not only does it clean your shower glass it also cleans your tiles.  With a quick google, I noticed you can also buy this from Countdown which makes it nice and easy to get a hold of. If you do not shop at Countdown you can buy it online starting at just $9.95 for 500ml’s. They also offer a three pack for the bulk buyers out there.

Let’s take a look at what shower glass cleaners other kiwis are recommending.

Of course, winning in monthly search volume was Wet and Forget. best shower glass cleaner

They actually have two shower glass cleaners – for milder shower glass cleaning they have Shower Witch. It smells like vanilla which is always popular. However, they do state that this cleaner is not intended to be used to get rid of hard water mineral deposits (water spots). 

They have another product for this called Tigers Paw which we will get to next!

Shower Witch pricing is sitting slightly higher than Shower Power and they do both offer similar uses!

Tigers Paw. This pad has mixed reviews, it has been designed especially for shower glass doors with water spotting! Depending on the level of contamination some reviews are saying its an absolute workout.

But it’s definitely worth testing on your shower glass because everyone single glass type will clean differently. It’s a roll of the dice but one worth rolling if you haven’t tried it yet.

Wet and Forget do state on their website that results for most people should be immediate! Which is fantastic…for most people!

However, personally, I have spoken to a few of my customers who have found this product to be unsuccessful. If that is the case we should be able to help.

Others are simply using eco-friendly methods!

The type of glass Shower Glass Hero restore – these methods would never work. However, if your hard water spots aren’t too tough you may be in luck.

One such method with a ton of upvotes is a mix of half white vinegar and half morning fresh dishwashing liquid! Spray it on the glass, rub it in a circular motion with an old pair of pantyhose and rinse it down with water. According to one person, they have tried every product out there and this works every time and is a super cheap mixture. Not everybody agreed but its worth a shot right!

What not to use…

Steelos were a common solution popping up in forums which I highly disagree with, some people may be getting away with it but I tend to believe they are not looking closely enough at the glass surface! In certain lights, I bet tiny scratches would be visible on the glass. If you are thinking of taking to your glass with a scrubber of some type I recommend using a white non-scratch scouring pad. Any other scouring pads should be avoided too!

As you can see every kiwi have their own way of doing things.

Our proven solution to restoring stained shower glass back to new.

We at Shower Glass Hero also have our own way of doing things. We have been restoring stained shower glass back to new and protecting shower glass against staining since 2014. 

Shower Glass Hero would love to send a professional shower glass cleaner Auckland-wide to machine clean those annoying hard water stains and soap scum off your expensive shower glass doors.

At this stage, I bet you’ve tried every product under the sun and the only results your achieving is a sore arm. So, of course, those awful hard water spots remain.

Now imagine your shower glass crystal clear (Like in the image below). No longer would there be that ugly enclosure in the corner bringing down the appearance of the entire bathroom. Now it looks sharp and inviting.
shower glass restoration & protection

At this point, you may be skeptical, after all, you have tried everything. However, you have not tried Shower Glass Hero.

Over the past few years, we have saved homeowners thousands on replacement costs who thought they had no choice but to install new shower glass enclosures.

Speaking of new enclosures, our Hero’s can also make the chore of cleaning down your shower glass a whole lot easier.

Our Future Stain Protection can be applied to recently restored and brand new shower glass enclosures. Our shower glass protection is so effective we can offer a Lifetime Transparency Guarantee on all glass we protect. Once applied, you only need to clean it down once per week to keep it looking crystal clear.

Let’s fix this annoying problem for good.

Book one of our services today!

For more information on our restoration & new glass, protection services Go ahead and click here.

P.S. The product you saw in the ad is part of Shower Glass Hero’s shower glass enclosure cleaning system. It’s our proven kit to stop hard water spots accumulating on shower glass that has been protected with our Shower Glass Future Stain Protection. If you would like to get your hands on this proven cleaning system please email

Get to know us, watch our video!

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